Thursday, 22 October 2009

I <3 Cath Kidston

Oh yes I do!!!!

Been drooling at the things on her website for a few months now and thinking 'I want that and that and ooooo thats lovely' as you do LOL. Anyway I fell in bag love with one of her stand up tote bags,when I showed Keith it he rolled his eyes and asked why I wanted it and would I use it as I have a ton of bags in the porch that I've brought and have used maybe once or twice. I replied 'of course I'll use it, I don't know what for yet but I'll use it'

So I'm now the VERY happy owner of this little beauty..

Will be taking that with me when I go away on a little retreat in a few weeks :-D

I've been busy scrappin' a few things,can't share yet but will soon.

Still beavering away at my hexxy blanket..

In between making hexxys I've finished my baby granny blanket,just needs blocking now and then its ready to go on Folksy or Etsy,hopefully it will sell :-)
I've also made myself a slouchy hat,haven't taken a pic of it but will tomorrow.

Getting ready to celebrate Lanas 8th birthday on Saturday,she wants one of these..

That took some searching as I couldn't for the life of me remember what they are called, anway tracked one down but with the postal strikes GRRR I don't think it will be here in time :-(
As well as that shes asked for 2 packs of 'Blu Tak' WTF!!! My kids have a serious addiction to it,it causes endless squabbles in this house.
Going to pick the rest of her stuff up tomorrow and then spend the evening wrapping and blowing balloons up.No party this year but we are having friends round for food and cake in the afternoon/early evening,no doubt we'll end up on the Wii.Shopping and the pictures on Tuesday to see either 'Up' or 'Fantastic Mr Fox' anyone seen them? which did you prefer??

Right I'm off
Have a good weekend


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