Friday, 13 November 2009

Normal Service Resumes

So since the weekend 2 of the kids have been poorly,Alfie all over the weekend and Lana Monday through to yesterday :-( Poor Lana wanted to go to school on Wednesday and lasted 20 minutes before the school phoned me up to come and fetch her....not that poorly to refuse sweets,strange that LOL.
They're all at school today..hooray,don't know what they're thinking disturbing my lovely quiet mornings!!

As I'm all scrapped out thanks to the lovely weekend I had, I crocheted instead.I frogged my phone cozy cos it was too big and spent an hour the other night making a new one,now my phones as snug as a bug in a rug :-)
Unfortunately the lighting is shite here today :-(

See the new phone? I'm in lurve with it,it was released the 10th from Orange and I got it in the afternoon on the 10th...what good service.
Did feel like chucking it out the window when I first opened it and got it up and running cos I couldn't get the bloody internet on it.I did the right thing,walked away smoked 3 fags,had a coffee and what do ya know it was working when I went back to it !!!
This girl needs to work on her patience LOL.
My only complaint is,it takes crap indoor pictures,will have to see what its like outside :-)

And as Cal has fostered Olly the Owl I made Percy the Penguin, which Isla has fell madly in love with

He is rather cute don't ya think!

Sorted out all my stash last night,it was getting ridiculous, boxes of stash all over the place,its now lovely,tidy and in one place.Did sort out one massive box of old stuff that I'm taking to nursery when I go and pick Isla up,they're happy with any donations given to them,thats alright then cos theres papers in there that I brought when I started this hobby in 2004 (longest hobby I've ever had)

Off on a ghost walk tonight around the city of Worcester with some friends from work,I'll just be laughing my head off,apparently theres people dressed up throwing things at you so that should be a laugh.

Toodle Pip


TG said...

Sarah i adore Percy, i think he's even cuter than Olly, if that's possible. You are so clever i wish i could make cuties like that, even if i could i couldn't do it as quick as you. Hope all your poorlies are all better now, and you don't get it.
Hugs Tracy x

Rachel said...

percy is super cute, pleased you got your phone, know how excited you were x

Rachael said...

Percy is just adorable!!! What is next I ask myself?!?! Loving the Iphone case too :)

cathy c said...

WOW!! If Percy gets fed up in your house can he come & stay here in sunny Skem? I promise not to throw him in the fire!! LOL
Love the wrist warmers, you trendy chick ya!!
Poor kiddies, hope the stay sick free now for you.
Get you havin a sort out - wanna come & do mine?


Hysteri-CAL said...

Awwwwwwwww I just luuuuuurv Percy !!!

Love the huggy mobile phone cover as well - you're just too good at this crochet-ing malarky !

Miss ya loads xx

Jen said...

Aw, isn't he cute!