Monday, 9 November 2009

Cream Krackered Knackered

What can I say about the weekend away??
I'm lost for words, seriously!!

Sarah and Lianne are the two most loveliest,generous people I've met for such a long time,nothing was too much trouble..and if you two are reading this I want a bloody comment left PMSL
Seriously they couldn't do enough for you. So if any of you are going to their retreat in March,you're gonna be spoilt rotten :-D
All the DT girls are lovely,even if some of them did say I sounded like a farmer LOL
I'm sure I came home with a bit of Liverpool twang (thats spending far too much time outside with Cathy fagging it)
The barn was lovely, me and the very funny Nat shared a room with...BUNKBEDS!!
Not a good idea when you're going to bed between 4 and 5 in the morning and trying to climb up the ladder,saying that though it was worse in the morning trying to squeeze my fat arse between the sides of the ladder to come down the thing.

So I was quite productive during the weekend,I managed 7 layouts,crocheted and showed a couple of them how to make a book.
Didn't take many photos :-(. Sarah managed to take nearly 300 in the small hours of this morning BUT THATS ANOTHER STORY!!! Lets just say I was crying with laughter and I didn't know you could have so much fun with 2 pieces of Bazzil and some herma!

So heres the layouts I did....

Think my favourite one is 'Birthday Girl'
The BSIL layout was a challenge,you picked your photo and someone else picked the papers you had to scrap it with and then you had an hour to do it.

Can I introduce you to Olly..

He went home with Cal,because she said she could give him lots of TLC.

Will leave you with my favourite pic of the weekend, minus me and Cathy..we don't do photos do we Cath,unless we're in disguise LOL!

Right off to bed cos as the title says I'm Cream Krackered Knackered


Sarah's Cards Ltd said...

Love love love LOVE ya (even if you speak like a farmer!)

One of the most talented scrapbookers I know - so pleased you shared the weekend with us <3

S x

Rachel said...

Yippee you got a sarah comment too! Fab work as ever Sarah so lovely to meet you even if you did given Oliie away :(

TG said...

Sarah it was lovely to meet you, i love your accent it makes mine sound better. :)
Love your work, you're very talented, i hope Ollie stays in touch. Missing you already, roll on March!!!
Hugs Tracy xx

Rachael said...

What can I say!! Was great to meet you your work is just fab, thanks for the mini book class, working on the BIA as well as the camera and all the stash that got added to my long wish, NEED, list! Can't wait to hear more funny stories from you in March might have to work on the pelvic floor before that lol!

Anonymous said...

It was really lovely to meet you and Olly! :) A brilliant weekend and your stuff is just LUSH!

Vanessa xx

Jackie said...

Farmer? No way!! haha

Oh and who said you could use my piccie on a layout! love it though, and love you too BSIL x

Glad you had a good time, you deserve it <3

Lianne said...

Was so nice to meet you at the weekend Sarah, my stomach still hurts from laughing! Loving the layouts you talented girl you.
Lianne xxx

cathy c said...

Hahahahahahahaha!! I'm still laughing! Robby(Pete) & Colonel are the funniest girls I've ever met!!
Amazing pages hun, you gave me so much inspiration! Thanx for the mini album class & making my weekend so much fun!


Hysteri-CAL said...

Loving the layouts chicky !

thanks for being a fab fag partner (and Cathy too), but missing ya both now !

Thanks again for Olly, I've just uploaded some of the photos, so I'll start posting them soon.

Love 'n' hugs to you and yours xxx

Micayla said...

Wow so fab layouts there, you are so talented. So glad you're mine is my fave. Can I ask where you the the checked and floral'ish' paper from.....I love it!