Thursday, 5 November 2009

Packing Like Crazy

and trying to remember to pack everything I need for Sarahs Cards DT weekend away!!

Staying here

Doesn't it look lovely.
Haven't met any of the girls before except for me old mate Nat,so really looking forward to it.

Must remember to take me crochet,as the barn as a lovely log fire,can just picture myself now....... aaaah bliss!!

Also this week been making myself a phone cozy for my new phone

Never been excited before over a phone but man I can't wait to get that.Orange aren't realeasing them until the 10th,so fingers crossed it will be in my greasy little palms by the end of next week :-):-)

Also been browsing the net looking at the Christmas paper ranges and I've decided I neeeeeeed this

So if you see any on your travels give us a shout ;-)

Right off to carry on,expect lots of pics next week


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