Friday, 30 October 2009

Been Card Making

Yep you read the title right LOL!

Now anyone who knows me knows I don't do cards,don't know why just don't enjoy doing them,that was until today.
Today I realized it was one of my best friends birthday tomorrow, Halloween of all days, no wonder shes called Eve, short for evil.I know her has my partner in crime,when we're together everyones guaranteed a laugh.

Back to the card, which I quite enjoyed making but not gonna make a habit of it

Well she is a year older than me :-)

As the kids were having a little crafty session this afternoon I got on with making the hats,had to undo Lanas as it was coming out too big even though it was for a 7-8 year old,she chose the colour and here it is

Still slightly too big but she didn't want me to undo it.
Got to redo Islas as I made it last night,following the pattern but it has come out massive,will try a smaller hook size next time.

Working the weekend and Monday - 3 x 12 hour shifts = KNACKERED
but will think of the weekend after as I'm off, away for a little retreat,can't wait, just got to sort out stash next week....YIKES,thats gonna take some doin'!!!

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