Friday, 22 January 2010

Bugger Me...

I scrapped tonight!!!!

Only cos I'm still waiting for my new batch of wool to arrive.

Isla had a lovely birthday,the look of surprise when she walked through the door this afternoon to see her lovely shiny big girls bike said it all...wish I'd of had my camera to hand, oh well.

Lana came rushing out of school and couldn't wait to show me her knitting

Think shes done really well and at this rate she will be showing me how to knit!!
Failing that I will have to call on me BSIL to show me....she owes me after the crochet lessons....bloody bobble stitch PMSL!

TTFN xoxo

1 comment:

cathy said...

Great pages Sarah, nice to see you scrappin again! ............ great to see Lana learning to knit, all little girls (& boys) should do it, it's much harder once you're older!