Thursday, 21 January 2010

Laptop Says 00:19

Which means I can offically say....

to my sweet baby girl...

4 today, I can't believe it!!
4 going on 14 most days let me tell ya!!

I stuck the banners and balloons up earlier and what happened?? She only went to the loo and then decided to stand at the top of the stairs (they're in the front room) and saw them so decided to wake Lana up,Lana wasn't that interested, so mummy had to run up the stairs and tell her 'if she doesn't go back to sleep the birthday fairy won't come' its worked and shes sparko again LOL

BSIL came over earlier armed with her crochet hook and wool and I showed her the basic stitches, she was soon whizzing through them and has gone home pondering what she can make and what wool she can buy with her birthday money...BLESS

I on the other hand have found my next project,just got to decide whether to start it before my ripple...

Photo courtesy of Novamade
Free pattern available from Ravelry

I did go the the dogs last Friday,I even managed to win some money :-) ended the night by having a few drinks down the town and then stumbling in at 1.30am,I had to be up at 6 for work, those girls I go out with from work are a bad influence let me tell ya!!!
I'm counting down the weeks until 12 of us go to Butlins for the 80s weekend,started getting my outfit together,all I need now are the bangles,beads and pixie (do you remember them) boots haha.I've even managed to get my hands on a hair crimper!!

Right me bed is calling,got a busy day,school runs then an afternoon at the indoor play thingy finishing off with a McDonalds.

TTFN xoxo

PS Lana starts knitting club tomorrow,that should be very interesting


Rachael said...

Sarah that cake looks yummy!!

Jackie said...

Lanas knitting is fab and shes picked it up really quickly. Shell be giving you a run for yor money lol

Loving that hexagon blanket, thinking Id like to try my hand at that, so I guess Ill be popping over again very soon haha xox

cathy said...

Oooo! lovely blanket hun! and did you make that cake? looks yummy!!