Friday, 15 January 2010


Thats how many layouts I scrapped last year...HOW PANTS IS THAT!!!!

This took 1st place in the crafty department...

and my love of crochet is still going strong :-)

Just chose the colours for my new ripple from this Rowan shade card...

it took some umming and arring but I've decided on 13 colours which I shall order at the beginning of next week :-)

Can't believe my little girl is going to be 4 next week,but if you ask her she will tell you shes going to be 9 LOL
Shes been asking for a bike so thats what I'm off to get tomorrow.

Anyway will leave you with a few of my favourite layouts from 2009

Heres hoping I do more than that this year!!!



Rachel said...

aww its olly, loving your crochet, i still havent mastered it lol, love your pages super nice, looking forward to seeing your erm ripple lol

Rachael said...

Love all the crochet and your LOs are just fab you should definitley do more in 2010!! I hope you haven't forgotten the DT order placed in November for little owls for all the team in March! lol. xx

cathy said...

Oh yeah! can't wait to see the ripple Gertie! I know it's gonna be super fab-u-lous!
Love every one of your LO's & YES you should do more this year ............ you're gonna be doing more in March aren't you? LOL

Looking forward to seeing you hun :) ..... we're gonna LOL so much!!

Vanessa said...

I just love your crochet and all your layouts - yes more please!! :)