Wednesday, 13 January 2010

1st Post of 2010!!!

Gawd I've got some catching up to do ain't I LOL!

Christmas was ok,Isla was poorly and spent most of the day doing this...

Lana didn't really enjoy it much either,been having problems with her but thats another story!!!
Did manage to get a couple of photos of her,this one of her playing with her Hannah Montana dance mat which by the way has only come out of the box once!!!

Love the look of sheer concentration on her face LOL!

Alfie had loads and loads and I mean loads of Ben10 stuff including a dressing up outfit that I'm still waiting to get a photo of him in,he never stands still long enough these days.

Boxing Day was spent with BSIL and her hubby,we had food and karaoke and were in absolute stitches (tears rolling down our faces) singing 'Don't go Breaking my Heart' I have pics of BSIL singing but she said she would kill me if I put them on here didn't ya Jak ;-)

I spent New Years Eve home alone (well with a whole bottle of Malibu) as Keith and the kids spent it down Devon and because I had to work New Years Day :-( it wasn't so bad,we took 17 residents out for dinner which took nearly the whole 12 hour shift up!!

Kids back at school on the 4th,then the rest of the week off because of this bloody snow.

Taken with my iPhone last week in nannys garden,it looked lovely until the rugrats got in it LOL!
Don't you just love Alfies idea of wellies...a carrier bag on each foot!!

The snow was disappearing slowly,then last night it started again and it hasn't stopped yet,another day off for the kids :-(

How much snow we've had this morning...

and its still going strong.

Meant to be going to the dogs on Friday with some of the girls from work but I can't see that happening now cos of this bloody snow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right off to check on my stew....proper winter food :-)



Jackie said...

OMG it was such a scream, thoroughly enjoyed myself, thanks for having us over.

Oh and btw, you tell that little Alfie, Im still going for X Factor haha, love ya x

cathy said...

Wow, sounds like you had tons of fun hunny!! BTW, Happy 2010 (belated but the happiness is still the same!!)
Great snow photo's & I can't wait to see alfie in his Ben10 stuff!