Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Bleedin' Nora .....

it's snowing!!!
Quite heavily too and it's settling!!!
Looks like we just might have a white Christmas, the first one in a long time.

Been to take the kids to the pictures to see Planet51,good but not that good. On the way back from the pictures I took them to the garden centre to see if Father Christmas was there (good excuse to pick up some wool :-)) didn't see him but we did see some rather lovely big reindeer

Oooooh the kids are getting really excited now. Alfies made a list that's as long as your arm...think he's got about 2 things on the list, oh well don't think he'll be that bothered once he sees what he has got. Lanas letter to FC ended with PS you rock LOL, she's only asked for make up and toobie woobies, which we finally tracked down on Amazon and isla wants a new baby and pram which she has courtesy of nanny and grandad :-)

Right off to get the hubster up,he's working tonight,think he better wrap up warm.

Just one more thing to say and that is...


PS it's still snowing!!!!

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cathy said...

Ooooooo! you sound just as excited as the kids!! lol - wish mine were little again, enjoy them cos' it gets rather borin' once they reach the grumpy 'I just want money' teen stage!!
At least we've got Henry & Olivia to get us excited eh?

Have a great Christmas & New year hun :)
p.s. we've had 3-4 inches of the white fluffy stuff for almost a week now & it's floating down nice & thick again as I type!!!

Taniwha said...

Merry christmas chicklet, hope you and your family have a wonderful day and enjoy the snow. Typical bloody England, as soon as I leave there's a white friggin xmas humph!

Vanessa said...

Hope you all had a lovely christmas. The Reindeer look lovely and cuddly. :)

Happy New Year.