Friday, 22 January 2010

Thank You,Thank You...

Google and YouTube, for today with your help I have finally worked out how to do this.....

Think the needles, NO I know the needles I used were too big but hey I can shout it from the rooftops....

I CAN FINALLY KNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wool is a dark reddy burgundy colour but its a crap picture :-[
Can ya see the paw print can ya, can ya????
Its being blocked in the photo,why I don't know - what am I going to use it for, heck I don't know, I'm just pleased I can knit.......Ravelrys gonna be my best friend now I can tell ya, well once I work out how to increase,decrease and all the other stitches!!

Anyone got any recommendations for needles?
I was thinking of bamboo,I've heard they're lovely to work with,any advice is much appreciated :-]

Keith did say before he went to work 'is that the end of the crochet now?' I'm shocked he could even ask such a stupid question LOL.

Right I'm off to stroke my square and ponder what my new knitted project will be *insert a very very big smiley face*


ETA - Cathy & Rachael, no that cake in the last post wasn't Islas birthday cake,she had to make do with a good old fashioned hedgehog one courtesy of nanny LOL.


Rachael said...

Aw poor Isla :( lol
Well done on the knitting I am impressed, the last time I tried to knit (only about 20 years ago) I made a scarf which had lots of ventilation holes!!

Rachel said...

wow sarah this is awesome, i dont know how to do that yet, but you tube is my best friend as is ravelry, im on there under reward funnily enough.

cathy said...

Nevermind bad mummy! ;) maybe your next challenge could be baking!! LOL

Brilliant work with the square knitting hun - and to add a paw print WOW! you should be very proud!

JoJo said...

Knitting!Good job!

{ Emma } said...

Yay on the knitting! I love Ravelry too and You Tube has taught me to knit haha.

What's your name on Ravelry, mines EmmaWoo.