Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Dead Chuffed!!!

I've finished 'February Lady Sweater' in February!!!
Hurray I will be able to wear it away this weekend and next :-]
Thought I would have to call it March,April or May Lady Sweater.....

The pictures are pants cos of it being so dark, but you get the gist.

Just needs blocking which I will do later.

Making myself a semi slouch at the mo because my ears are freezing cos of this flippin' weather,seriously fed up with the snow now!!!

The countdowns begun for Butlins... 2 days to go and we'll be heading down the motorway all 12 of us, getting in the mood by playing 80s music.
For some unknown reason we've decided to dress up on the Friday as grannys (that'll be fun and perfect camera opportunity) so we've all been bombarding the charity shops searching for just the right outfit,mine is devine ummm ummm.
Saturday its 80s outfits and OMG I've just tried mine on and Keiths been advising me on what colour eyeshadow to wear he has a clue!!
Part of my outfit is purple tights and yellow legwarmers....simply gorgeous!!!

Right got lots to get sorted,like booze shopping (high priorty),packing bags,cleaning car out and everything else that goes with going away and leaving kids home with their dad ie sorting their clothes out,matching tops with bottoms,making sure theres food in fridge and cupboard or else they will be living on KFC,McDonalds,pizza and Chinese!!!

Back next week with embarrassing pictures ;-]



Rachael said...

Looks fab Sarah!!! Hope you have a great weekend we will look forward to hearing all the juicy details next weekend lol.

Sally said...

This is super gorgeous Sarah!

cathy said...

Love the cardi Sarah! can't wait to see it next weekend - oh and you of corse!! :)
Have a brilliant weekend hun & make sure you get up to everything I can't! hehehe! ......... looking forward to the pics & stories!