Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Little Delicate

Thats how I've been feeling since coming back from Butlins.
I'm sure I've been suffering from alcohol withdrawal,my arms and legs have just stopped shaking and too top it all off I've lost my voice LOL.

OMG what fun we had,non stop laughing.

And now I've got to repack my bags as I'm off up to Warrington on Thursday for Sarahscards retreat.

Anyway will leave you with a pic I've just napped from me mate on Facebook....who said grannies can't have fun....

1 comment:

cathy said...

Glamourous granny or what? - you look stunning & I can only imagine the fun you had in that lovely outfit ........... see you've had your hair done too - suits you!! hahaha
Can't wait for all the details at the weekend!