Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Its all Over :-[

and back to normal here.

Had a great looooong weekend up in Warrington for Sarahscards 1st ever retreat. It was great meeting up with everyone again and can't wait until the next one (Sarah,take the hint will ya love LOL)

I think everyone enjoyed my 2 speedy classes

and I loved seeing everyones interperation of them and I think I may have converted a few of them over to the darkside of 8.5 x 11!!!!

So when I wasn't teaching I scrapped and managed 1 layout LOL (haven't even scanned it into laptop yet) and I knitted a few rows of me new project but too be honest I was far too busy chatting and having a laugh.
Got a few pics but haven't took them off me card yet....CRAP ain't I LOL!

This mummy here was feeling real guilty about being away from the kids for 2 weekends on the trot so left before the retreat actually finished and drove the 2 hour journey home to be confronted with hugs and kisses from the kids,it didn't go down too well when Isla found out I was working on the Monday I can tell ya!!!

Right away to peel the veg for tea.......Its shit being back to normal!!!!



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Julesaroony said...

Lovely to meet you at the weekend Sarah and thanks for a great class :) Hope you enjoyed the tractor ride home lol!!!