Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Shock Horror!!!

Well 2 shock horrors actually......

1 - For the first time in 4 years I've had to wash pots,pans,crockery and cutlery
because poor old Mr Dishwasher has decided to stop working :-( :-(
Fingers crossed that Keith can fix it cos if not I'll be sending him over the
road to get a new one at the weekend ;-)


2 - I've scrapped!!!
In the mood to do another one and maybe another one after that.

This one is the only one I managed to do over the weekend at the retreat

Love those Jenni Bowlin buttons *heart heart*

This one is inspired from this advert I saw in the online version of Scrapbook Trends

My take on it

I know it looks nothing like it LOL, but when I saw it this morning I was like 'that would like great turned into a layout' so I quickly sketched it and voila in 30 minutes it was finished :-)

This one used nearly a whole pack of Hambly rub ons *gasp*

Journaling is on the back,the first photo I took of some of the girls who I went to Butlins with...great weekend,loved every minute of it,shall be booking next years trip before long ;-)

Heres a couple of photos from that weekend

You need sunglasses for this one as there is FAR too much neon going on...

A little OTT with the rouge me thinks and yes they are proper leg bags (borrowed from work ;-])



cathy said...

Fab pages hun! I love the one of the girls (child free) it does look more 'you' with the rub-ons other than the cut outs! KWIM?
Brilliant photo's of your crazy weekend - you all look so cool & so old! LOL

Keep those pages comin!!

Vanessa said...

Oh blimey! I'd rather live without my washing machine than my dishwasher!

Fab pages. :)