Thursday, 18 March 2010

Who Needs the Gym

when you've got this at home!!!

I hate to think what my joints are gonna be like in the morning LOL.

Haven't blogged cos I've been busy knitting :-]
All was going well with this jumper...

Plain & Simple Pullover
until one of my needles broke....pissed off is an understatement,the air was blue with my foul language (good job the kids were in bed) So for now I've had to slide it onto a different size needle while I wait for my new ones to be delivered.

So what does this lady do in the mean time??...well she goes onto Ravelry and finds something else to knit :-) and she finds this

Tea Leaves Cardigan
falls in love,buys it and decides shes gonna use the 'Patons Diploma Gold DK' in a lovely shade of green that she brought in a sale for just over a £1 a ball :-]

But first she must complete the famous Shalom

that she started last week!!

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