Thursday, 25 March 2010


Now in Hebrew the word Shalom means hello,goodbye,peace and so many other things but to me as well as meaning the above Shalom also means warm and very cozy :-D

Photo courtesy of Lana at 7.30 this morning :-]
Finished,blocked and wearing it as I type,think I shall be making another one shortly maybe a black one cos black goes with anything!

Did buy this pattern last night...

Bird of Passage

Gawd I've got a list as long as me arm of all the things I wanna knit.
Gonna learn cables next me thinks :-]

Been working on a layout but can't show you just yet ;-]
So instead will leave you with my layouts I did with with Sarahcards March kit



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Nat said...

Shalom my buddy!
Well check you and your knitted creations out! fab as always. great LO's too. hoping to do something creative sometime this weekend. xxx