Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day Out

So today we spent the day in Warrington at Gullivers (great day for small kids)
Left here to get there for opening time and didn't leave until closing time :-)

Kids must of been knackered out cos they went to bed and haven't made a sound since, fingers crossed they sleep in, in the morning (very doubtful)

Took a ton of pictures so I have finally got some to scrap :-, might even whip a few up tomorrow!

Of course Alfie wanted to go on all the rides,most he loved but there were a few that scared him half to death like The Joker (goes up in the air and then drops a few times)

His face was like this the entire time he was on that ride and my face also looked like this the entire time I was on it with him PMSL
Notice the cardi?thats the Tea Leaves I finished last week :-)

Next was the Pirate Ship, Lana refused to go on it with us, she was far too busy eating a chocolate and marshmallow pancake.
This was before the ride started, waving at his dad...

Believe me it didn't stay that way!!
And again all I could do was laugh....what a crap mother PMSL!!!

But looking at this photo, the smile says he had a great day..

don't ya think?


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Anonymous said...

What a great day! We went there two weeks ago and the kids had a fantastic time. Slept like logs too! :)