Tuesday, 27 April 2010

* Stash Shopping *

Bless my Posty, for today he brought me new stash!!!

13 balls of wool and that pattern which I shall be starting once the kids are in bed in about 5 minutes (my time, yippee!)

And not forgetting scrappy stash

Brought from Sarahscards

Jak, if you're reading this I know exactly what you're saying at your computer screen...you spoilt bitch PMSL

Came home from work last night to find my DT work from Sarahscards had been delivered, so once I had got out of my uniform, showered and pjs on, I got crackin' on with it and went to bed at 2.30 this morning, very unusual for me but once I opened it I had to use it straight away. If any readers sub to her kit you're gonna love Mays kit ;-)

Right bedtime for the kids


1 comment:

Jak said...

as if Id say that about you! honestly! haha!