Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Have You Seen the Sun??

Wheres it gone??
Yesterday I enjoyed spending time in the garden,sitting on me new garden furniture which was delivered at 7.30am...thank you Mr Delivery Man, knitting and drinking vanilla mochas :]

while Isla licked an ice lolly on her garden furniture :]

and today the suns been replaced with rain :[

Because the weather is crap today I cheered myself up by buying some new wool, 4 balls of Rowan Pure Wool in Cypress for Lanas Tiny Tea Leaves cardi and a few balls of Rowan Pure Wool Aran for another Shalom for myself.

Do you remember the post from a couple of weeks back when I had to go to the doctors to see if Isla was tongue tied? I forgot to say that yes she is and today we went to the ENT unit up the hospital.They were going to try and sort it today but Isla was having none of it so we have to wait for another appointment at another hospital so she can be put to sleep.
As we were coming out of the unit back into the main entrance some pyscho lady only jumped from the balcony and landed in a crumpled heap on the floor!!! You could hear people saying she was screaming she was gonna kill herself before she jumped.Hospital staff quickly cleared us all outside while they worked on her, hopefully she'll be alright.

Right away to park me arse on the sofa for a little knitting session, will leave you with the layouts I did from Sarahscards May kit



Helsbells said...

Really love the first layout - it's a bit different and love it's simplicity.

cathy said...

Fabby layouts Gertie! love the one of you & Mr Gertie!
What a horrible thing that happend at the hospital!!!
Hope Isla gets sorted soon & she's not too aware of what is going on at your next visit to ENT

What are you knitting now in the top pic??

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous layouts - agree with the above, love the simplicity of the top one and very effective.

Hope Isla is sorted soon. :)x