Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lord, Give me Strength to get Through This Week!!!

Can you tell from the title the kids are on half term LOL
So far I've had them sliding down the stairs using their quilts (can't say too much about that cos I used to do it when I was their age), bickering, fighting, taking the big cushions off the sofa and basically doing my head!!!

Keith did tell them to be good this week as hes away, they promised but I'm sure they had their fingers crossed behind their backs.

Can't even play outside as its pouring with rain :-(

I've hidden meself in the kitchen finishing a couple of layouts I started last week, looking at this picture....

and listening to me ipod at full volume LOL

Can't decide if the one of Little Missy is finished or not.

Cathy, the knitting from my last post is a stripy blanket made from dk scraps to take camping with us, it hasn't grown too much since picture was taken as I'm trying to finish my chunky cable top also to take camping, it'll be perfect for the chilly nights :-), only the ribbing to do now :-)

Right off to get something for their lunch, wonder if they'll notice if I slip a couple of sedatives in their chicken wraps??



Rachael said...

No I am sure they won't notice Sarah!! Love the Day Trip LO. Hope you get some peace and quiet soon, keep looking at that picture I would lol.

cathy said...

Oh I do remember those manic days with my 3!! (I worked from home too so there was no escape for me!)
Can't you wrap them up in rainwear & lock the door behind them?? LOL ....... oh & just smile & wave at them thru the window, hehehe!!

Fab idea with the scraps for the blanket - can't wait to see your chunky project!