Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Crazy Things You See...

from the kitchen window, well mine anyway

Bungee jumping in the pub car park behind me.

Its been a good day today,the kids actually behaved themselves and as the sun was shining (please Lord, let it continue) I made a picnic and we headed for the park

where they enjoyed a couple of hours of running wild and making funny faces with their food as the above pic shows.
By 2pm it was getting too hot so we came home and they slipped into their swimming stuff, I slapped on sun cream and they jumped in the pool while I had de-ja-vue of last Tuesday (sitting on the garden furniture knitting and drinking mochas :-))

And as I was too lazy and too hot to cook tea they had McDonalds

It must of been a good day because when I was putting them to bed Alfie told me it was the best day ever Bless him


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