Friday, 21 May 2010

Its Hot, Hot, Hot...

and what with whats meant to be the hottest weekend of the year so far coming up it seemed only right to get this out of the loft :-)

Only trouble is it takes hours and I mean hours to fill the bloody thing or else I would be in it now!!!

Unfortunately I'm at work alllllllll weekend so can't enjoy the pool until next week :-(, lets hope this weather is here to stay.

I have scrapped this week....hooray, only trouble is I haven't finished any of them , I've got 3 on the go, most unusual for me as I like to finish one before starting another, oh well, theres always next week.

I've started another knitted project, photos to follow when I take some :-)

Thats all Folks


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Taniwha said...

Dude, just wanted to say hi! Looking forward to seeing the new LO's and I have you in my googlereader so I always read your blog posts. I'm just useless at leaving comments cause I'm too lazy to login most of the time! Enjoy the pool when you do get in it chick!