Friday, 25 June 2010

One Week Today

and I'll be here

Going with a couple of friends and I can't wait, been out shopping today and brought myself a couple of tops, a pair of wedge sandals and get this a couple of dresses!!!
Finally tracked down a maxi dress to fit short arse me..thank you Dorothy Perkins :-)

All new clothes and shoes will be going in my funky new case

No boring black case for me, oh no.

Ahhh sun,sea and lots and lots of sambuka :-)
Must remember to phone the kids before I start drinking because last time I spoke to them after one to many on the phone I had to ask which one I was speaking to....unfit mother LOL

It was the kids sports day yesterday, that school couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery I'm sure of it *rolleyes* It was all over the place and when you've got 3 kids there like I have it makes it impossible to watch them.

Little Missy in her first race, she didn't win, she wasn't running in a straight line bless her LOL

Thats all Lana seemed to do, think I saw here race once, the teachers were getting confused about who was meant to be racing next, so god only knows what the kids were thinking. Couldn't even take a picture of Alfie as he was right down the bottom of the field :-(

The school were holding their fete after the races but we didn't stay for that, oh no we went to the park on the edge of town, its being revamped and the park bit should be finished in time for the school holidays, they took away the little pool earlier this year and have just finished putting a water park in its place :-)
We spent all afternoon there,the kids only coming out of the water for a picnic lunch and ice cream.

Can see us spending all the holidays there :-)


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Gems said...

Love your case - have a fab time :o)
That water park looks lots of fun. Aww bless them in their sport's day! Ashton had hers on Friday, but parents weren't allowed along to watch!