Friday, 18 June 2010

Being Patriotic

Did you get in the mood for Englands first match last weekend??

The rugrats did :-]
I drank ice cold lager, does that count??

I painted their faces before the match started but not photo worthy cos they had smudged it all within half an hour of me doing it!!

They'll be wanting to do it all over again tonight, then sitting in front of the tv armed with their air horn cans (yes you read that right...air horns,thanks Keith!!) ready to use them when we score....


On Sunday I was back to work and Keith piled the kids in the car and took them to a 'Help the Heroes' thingy at the local airfield.
All the emergency services were there including some of the 'famous' faces you see on the police programmes (Keith loves 'em,they bore me to death LOL)

But the real 'FAMOUS' person there was this fella.....

We know its not the real Stig but Alfie doesn't ;-]

I'm still rippling away

Progress has been a little slow this week, I'm waiting for another ball of the golden yellow to turn up and we've been busy re-laying the wood floor in the front room and building flat pack furniture...hurray all my new units in the front room have now been built and looking good if I do say so myself :-]

Have a good weekend

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