Friday, 11 June 2010

A Ta-Dah & Crochet Post

Well here she is in all her Rowan Pure Wool DK glory :-)

Can I introduce you to Lanas Tiny Tea Leaves Cardi...

Dead chuffed with my sleeveless version (Lanas request) of it I am and see those buttons, they're recycled from an old dress that Isla had outgrown.

Just need to sew in the ends of my chunky cable cardi now but that can wait until next week.

Since I haven't got anything to knit at the moment,I picked up my crochet hook the other night to see if I can still crochet as its been that long and NO I haven't forgot....

as the photo shows,which is just as well cos Mr Posty has just knocked on the door to hand a lovely stash of wool to me :-)

18 squiggy balls of Rico Baby DK!!!
Crochet ripples here I come!!!

The countdown begins for hubby to come home,he's due back tomorrow,he did phone me this morning for a chat and to say hes brought me something, wait for it...............


Who said romance was dead PMSL
Saying that though, we did go out for a lovley meal last Saturday,just me and him,something we haven't done for ages,the kids said it was 'date night' LOL

I've promised the kids a popcorn and movie night tonight. While the popcorns popping in the microwave I shall be loading this DVD in the player

The kids have already seen it and said it was good :-)

Right I'm off to enjoy the last hour of silence (Isla finishes nursery at 11.30)



Anonymous said...

Hi there, I would love the pattern for your crochet blanket if you would be willing to share? Te rainbow coloured ripple blanket that is on your blog??

Thank you!! My email address is

Lyn x

Rachael said...

Hi Sarah, loving the crocheting, that wool looks yummy too almost wish I could knit and crochet!! Sorry I don't have your email but would it be possible to have some write ups for your SC blog work?
Bet you can't wait for hubby to come home so you can see the socks!!!

missusem said...

love your blog - can't wait to see your work with your new yarn