Friday, 20 August 2010

Normal Service

will resume next week.
Just a quick post to say yes I'm still alive and kicking :-)

Some of the things done so far since me last post....

Had a great time in Brighton
Watched Toy Story 3
Been camping
Visited the water park
Went to the Black Country Museum
Trip to Devon to collect MIL

and not forgetting cleaning up puke!!!!!


- Posted using me iPhone :-)


Nat said...

Canna beat a birra puke cleaning up! Aww bless, hope the lil ones are all ok :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Sarah, just stumbled across your bog whilst having 5 mins to myself, We went to the black country museum too! :) speak soon!! Love Wendy and the gang xxx

Anonymous said...

meant blog hunny, stupid qwerty keyboard!!