Thursday, 9 September 2010

While the House is Quiet

...I thought I'd see if I can get into this blogging malarky again.

Its been that long since I did a normal post but here goes :-)

As the title says the house is quiet, the kids have finally gone back to school YAY!!! Man they were starting to get bored the last couple of weeks and with the crappy weather we've had, they couldn't wait to go back :-)

So what have I been up to since my last 'proper' post way back in July, well here goes....

I took the kids to see Toy Story 3, what a great film,the kids and me loved it, I even got a lump in my throat in one part of the film.

Me and a couple of mates jumped in the car and went to Brighton for the weekend, I could move there quite easily, I loved it!!
There were a couple of things I wanted to see and this painting was one of them

Kissing Coppers by Banksy

Found this by accident the first night, we were going back to the hotel at just gone 1 in the morning (as you do) To get to our hotel you had to walk through the train station, only trouble was the train station shuts at midnight or there about so we had to find another way round and as we were walking down a road what do I see only the 'Prince Albert' pub which the painting is on!!
Couldn't wait to go back there first thing in the morning with me camera.
Great weekend but tiring,can't wait to go back....maybe next year :-)

We went camping,it was like the film 'Carry on Camping' a brand new tent and 2 of the poles broke while we were fighting with the gusts of wind trying to put the thing up,we managed finally with some help from some fellow campers who were from none other than Worcester LOL
Quick trip to the caravan and camping shop down the road for replacement poles, then another quick trip to the caravan and camping shop for a replacement side pole because Keith managed to some how bend that pole while replacing the already broken poles. The week was a washout except for the weekend when BSIL came down, she must of took the good weather with her cos after she left the heavens opened and rained none stop.We were originally staying til Wednesday but Tuesday afternoon Alfie started being sick so we packed everything up and headed down to get MIL from Devon, she was coming to stay with us for 10 days.

The kids loved having Granny to stay.We managed to get out and about taking her to different places in between it pouring down :-(
We went to the Black Country Living Museum. I love this place, stepping back in time to see how people lived.We did go down the mine, I'm sure its got darker down there since last time I went, we took the kids into the school house so they could see what it was like, they were only interested in drawing all over the slates

The Thursday before MIL went home they went off to the Severn Valley Railway, I didn't go, I felt like a bag of shit and as the day went on I felt worse and worse, in the end I was lay on the sofa with me PJs on :-(

At the beginning of the holidays I decorated Alfies room, he wanted it in Ben10 colours, so he now as white walls, black furniture and green curtains, I'm thinking maybe the white walls were a big mistake but so far so good.

As for scrapping, I can't remember the last time I did any, I stepped down from Sarahs Cards DT because I couldn't commit enough time, it feels good knowing that if I want to scrap I can and if I don't then so be it,nobody is expecting/waiting for stuff from me at the end of each month.

Last week I did get me printer dock out of hibernation and printed out a few pics so who knows, watch this space :-)

As for knitting, yep I'm still loving it. Been knitting up a storm these last few weeks

Thats the chunky cable cardi I finished before we went camping, to take camping and forgot to take camping LOL, it still needs the ends sewn in

The Tooley Owl
I have finished the other wing, just need to dig it out of my bag sew it on and attach the face. Can see me making more of these, think next time I'm gonna use real chunky wool :-)

Lastly a little something I've been working on for the last couple of weeks

Nearly finished now and then I'll show you it all
Might even add the pattern here ;-)

Right I'm off, gonna leave you with a pic of our new GALS


PS won't leave it soooooo long next time

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Nat said...

lmao sounds like all my camping experiences rolled into one! Glad you all survived and hope Alfie made a swift recovery! So those planning on fattening em up and having them for dinner orrrrr?! ;) Good to see you back chick xxx