Friday, 24 September 2010

You Wike Me????

That question is something Little Missy asks all the time, it sounds soooo cute....

not so cute when she asks it 20 times in 5 minutes though!!!!

Remember camping Jak?? do ya, do ya LOL!!

And now shes had her tongue untied, she'll soon be pronouncing her words properly, once shes had abit of speech therapy.

So of course I just had to do a layout listing some of the words she says...

My 3 favourite words she says, the rest are written on the back.

And YES I'm gonna miss this :-(



PS Does anyone actually read this blog anymore?????

If so,I'd love to know, leave me a comment and I'll pop names in a hat for a little something/giveaway ;-);-)


Rachel said...

Im here i read it :) i like it when you blog, what have u been knitting these days mrs?

Anonymous said...

I like reading, have done ever since I subscribed to Sarahs Cards kit & followed the link.
Love your pages & love reading about your gorgeous kids :)

Jak said...

Me? I always read :))

You (still) wike me?? pmsl x

Anonymous said...

I read too Sarah.

Lou Collins said...

Still reading! And you have just inspired me to do a LO of all of the funny little things my toddler son says...Thanks!!!

Taniwha said...

Dude, I read! You're on my GReader and I read whenever you update! Still loving your work lol! xXx

Susan Pryce said...

I read it and love all your ramblings and your lovely creations. x

cathy said...

Of corse I do! haha!
Happy (belated) Birthday hun, sounds like you had fun & some fab prezzies too!
Love that pic of you & K, happy anniversary to you both - time flies doesn't it?
Keep on posting Gertie, I look forward to see what you & the crazy cute kids are up to! :)

kjjc said...

yep I read it too.

Anonymous said...

I read this!

I saw the kiddies at the wedding and they were so polite and well behaved :)

So cute.