Friday, 1 October 2010

I Feel Like I've Lost Me Right Arm!!!

Not literally you understand.

Little Missy has now started school full time :-( and I don't know what to do with meself!!

I'm sure I'll think of something once the days go by and I get used to being here on me own ;-)

While I was getting quite tearful yesterday morning all she was interested in was this..

Her 'wunch' bag and the contents in it LOL

To while away the day I went to my mums and we had a mooch around the town, even venturing into the 'posh shop' somewhere you don't take the kids for fear of them breaking something!
Brought lots of fatty crap from the bakers, mum did say this is what you do when you don't have the kids for 6 hours...I think I could get used to it...a lady of leisure for 4 days a week, oh yeah I think I could :-)
I even booked to get a new tattoo for next Friday.

This morning as well as doing a little bit of housework and I mean a little bit I finished off a hat for Lana

Speedy Cable Beret

Made using Sirdar 'Big Softie' in Flossie
Thinking of making one for me, in another colour cos I don't do pink!!
Super quick pattern and its free, which is always a bonus!!!!

Just want to say a BIG thanks for the lovely comments in the last post, will pick someone later and let you know ASAP

Right me and him are off food shopping, might even go out for dinner, think I'm gonna enjoy this childfree malarky LOL.

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