Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bugger it...

my sewing machine is broke, well not broke, more like theres a piece thats vanished from it and now the thread won't glide smoothly IYKWIM :-(
Haven't used it for months and when I do want to use it I can't, the thread keeps snagging and breaking!!
Will have to see if good old Keithy will have a look tomorrow, hes usually ok at adapting stuff LOL.

So as I couldn't sew on this layout I've left it as it is

Didn't turn out how it looked in my head, oh well =)

I've started another, will probably finish it over the weekend.
I asked Lana to describe herself in 5 words, you will have to wait for said layout to be finished to see the words she used.

Right away to clean up stash!!

Toodle pip


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Helsbells said...

I still have my Major Morgan!

Great to see your new layouts :)