Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Stepping Back in Time

Over on Ravelry there is thread called 'nostalgic,nostalgic', where people are remembering what toys they used to play with and posting pictures of them. Theres quite a few I remember and quite a few I played with :-)

So as my SC kit arrived this morning (isn't it nice when you pop out,come back and find a parcel waiting for you?) I decided to google a few of the toys and do a layout.

Here goes, can you remember any of them??

But one of my bestest Christmas's ever (I was 7!!) was opening a present to find one of these....

Imagine my surprise when I googled 'Cabbage Patch Kids' and the exact one I had came up on the screen.

Look,it even came with a birth certificate, I named mine Amy Lousie, I loved her I did, my mum made a few spare outfits for her and guess what...

my girls have played with her too...yep shes still going strong 20+ years later!!!

Think 'Amy Louise' is worthy of her own layout don't you.

Oh,the layout is a WIP =0)



Anonymous said...

Dial-a-design was my absolute favourite, I think I played with that non-stop for about 5+ years! it never got old... I had the maths and word version of major morgan, forgot what it's called, but that was good too... and of course My little Pony - I still have a few favourites in the loft!

Anonymous said...

omg, I had everyone of those toys! I'd forgotten all about Major Morgan, thanks for the trip down memory lane. My Cabbage Patch doll was called Carrie Suzanna :) x