Thursday, 19 May 2011

Where To Begin

Can't believe another month has passed since my last post, told myself that I wouldn't leave it so long but life gets in the way!

So since my last post Alfie turned seven and since he had mastered riding a bike without stabilizers (took a while as he had absolutely no interest at all)all he wanted was a new bike so thats what he had as well as a few other bits..

also had a BBQ and loads of ice cream :-)

We took a trip to Barry Island... what a disappointment that was, nothing like I remember as a kid, the fair was run down, looked like a load of fair rides had been dumped there to rust :-(.
I remember standing in the queue as a kid to go on the log flume wearing a rain mac, cos it always rained waiting excitedly for my turn, but now the ride was bone dry and looking very ramshackled indeed.
The kids enjoyed the beach front and the beach and we did have some bloody gorgeous fish and chips in Gavin and Staceys favourite chippy apparently, did I tell you its all Gavin and Stacey, everywhere you turned there was bags, tea towels and anything else they could slap 'whats occurin'' on, you could even take a tour of Barry riding in Daves coach LOL, we gave that a miss!!

Lanas sulking here because she had to wear Alfies hoody because she refused to take a jacket and it was very windy!

When the kids finally went back to school, felt like they were home for weeks and weeks I started on my quilt for 'bump'

Just waiting on the wadding now and the fabric for the back and binding :-)
Had to buy a new machine, so brought one that was quite expensive and fingers crossed should last a long time.

I've also picked up my knitting needles again, apart from taking part in the 'scarf journey' over on Ravelry I hadn't done any knitting what so ever, I'm making up for it now though by casting on for a baby blanket which I've nearly finished and I started this the other day..


For plain old garter stitch, its a bit fiddly but I'm on the home stretch,just the hood to do now :-)

I've also got this months kit from Studio Calico to make a start on, its sat on the side feeling all unloved at the moment but I have a feeling I shall be making a start on it tonight as I'm in the mood to scrap :-)

Right I have washing to stick on the line, hopefully be back over the weekend :-)


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Nat said...

Whooo go ALfie without stabilisers! Ahhh if you went as far as Barry you should have drove on a tad further and come for a cuppa ;) To be honest, I didn't even think the fair was still open there! Quilt looks gorgeous xxx