Monday, 13 June 2011


I'm officially at the halfway mark now!!!!

Well I'm actually 20+1 so just past it LOL, let the countdown begin, hoping the second half goes just as quick as the first half :-)

Lana did say this morning when she took the photo 'oh mum you definitely look pregnant now!'

Feeling lots of non-stop movement which is ok until you want to go to sleep and the kicks & punches are stopping you!!

Going for the big scan on Thursday morning where we find out if everything is ok with 'bump'. Keith and the kids wanna know what flavour it is but I don't think I'm that bothered, we'll see what happens Thursday, I probably won't be able to resist once I'm there ;-)

Alfie hopes bump is a boy so he'll 'have his very own brother' BLESS <3<3
Isla wants a brother so she can call him MIKE!!
Lana wants bump to be a boy so she won't have to share her room!!

I've started a ripple blanket too :-)...

..because every baby deserves to snuggle under a handmade knit or crochet blanket :-)

Hopefully the *ta-dah* moment will be next week, on the last colour repeat section at the mo so not too much longer.

Going to do some scrappin' later, going to try and use some of last months SC kit up, its been sat in the cupboard untouched since it arrived last month, then I'm going to use this colour combo I found on Pinterest

and make a layout or a little mini, but before I do that I need to go and get some shopping in, the food shop will include the ingredients to make these..

Peanut butter cup brownies, also found on pinterest :-)


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Gems said...

Aww cute little bump! It looks very neat :) The blanket looks gorgeous. Hehe the kids make me laugh. Hope all goes well with the scan lovely xxx