Friday, 23 December 2011

Gift Tags

I managed to dig into my (feeling unloved) scrappy stash this morning and make a few name tags for the kids Christmas bags, you know, the ones that Santa leaves on the bed once he's put the other prezzies under the tree ;-).
We've never used stockings *shock, gasp* for the kids, instead I try and think of other things to use to fill up with goodies and leave on their beds. Over the years I've used decorated lunch tins, felt bags etc, this year I'm using coloured gift bags so I needed a couple of name tags, nothing too difficult...plain and simple...just the way i like it :-)

Next year I've decided I'm knitting sacks, should have them finished if I start in January!!

The kiddos are getting excited now about the man in red visiting especially this one..

This one however hasn't got a clue whats happening but is still smiling, cooing and getting into the Christmas spirit regardless..

( No reindeer were hurt while taking these pics!!)

Right just one more thing to say and thats.........

Merry Christmas from me to you, hope you all have a great few days and I'll see you on the other side xxx

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Chrisknits said...

Such a neat idea! And such sweet children. Merry Christmas.