Thursday, 29 December 2011


Can I say I'm glad Christmas is out the way??

Couldn't see the front room floor again, but it was worth it to see the look on the kids faces when they opened their presents.

I had to quickly write the kids a letter ready for them to find on Christmas morning because we fell asleep on the sofas and didn't get to take their goodie bags upstairs and put on their beds (thats what happens when you haven't had a drink for a good few months and a new baby) and didn't wake up until the early hours.

Wrote in my best left hand writing LOL, the kids know what my writing looks like.

I had some lovely presents including chocs, cash, smellies and these two...

New home for my Mac

Ahhh new needles, just in time for 52 in 52 weeks over on Ravelry.

Right I'm off but before I do, just gotta write this down before I forget

On Boxing Day Lana and I were talking about the presents she had...

Lana - Santas elves are lazy, they don't make everything he delivers
Me - do they not
Lana - not the knickers, the crop tops and the new bag I got
Me - what makes you say that love
Lana - they still had the Primark labels on

LOL Whoops!!


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