Tuesday, 14 February 2012

@ 3 months

The time is flying, can't believe my little man has been here for over 3 months now.

* You're now sleeping in your cot and sharing a room with Alfie ( we've told him he's in charge from 7 til 7)

* You weigh just over 14lbs.

* You're trying really hard to roll onto your side.

* You love having songs/rhymes sung to you, your favourite is 'Pat-a-Cake'

* You've become very ticklish, especially at the top of your legs and just in front of your armpits, your laugh is more of a dirty chuckle.

* Your favourite toy is this...

which you grab hold of and give it a good old suck.

* You've started teething, the amount of bibs you get through a day is unbelievable, constantly dribbling and ramming your fists in your mouth.

* You have 1 long sleep in the afternoon and the rest are what we call 'power naps' LOL, lasting no longer than 30 minutes.

* When you're tired we'll find you like this...

clutching hold of a muslin and rubbing it over/covering your face. You have got a lovely 'feely' bear but have no interest in it what so ever.

Love you my chunky monkey

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