Thursday, 9 February 2012

I Can't Knit...

at the mo cos my finger has been stabbed by my knitpros and made a hole and it hurts like hell :-(

So as I can't do any knitting, I have been busy baking cakes....

naughty chocoalate fudge cake
lemon drizzle cake
classic Victoria sponge
butterfly cakes

and a chocolate and banana cake which wasn't a hit in this house

Been looking on pinterest too and a couple have caught my eye :-)

Also decided to frog Islas hexxy blanket and make one of these instead

Crochet granny stripes

My 'I Must Be Mad' blanket, cos i must be mad to start another blanket!!

1 comment:

Nat said...

Looks lush, and quick and easy to whip up to (arrrrgh Sarah I don't need to be tempted into starting yet another blanket - I have three on the go!!!) Love the colours xx