Saturday, 28 February 2015

Finished in February

Over on Instagram I set up a hashtag called #finishedinfebruary and lots of like-minded folk joined me in a complete 'yarn buying ban' until all those knitting & crochet WIPs were off the needles and hooks!!

This is what I finished....

And because I finished all those WIPs lingering in my basket I treated myself to some of the new Regia Arne & Carlos sock yarn *heart*

I literally can not wait to see how this knits up but if that picture on the wrapper is anything to go by its gonna be fab!!

Something else that happened this week is Lana got her braces off, we went to the dentist expecting them to be tightened and she greeted me with the biggest (braceless) smile :-) when she came back into the waiting room because obviously at the age of 13 she's grown up to go into the treatment room all by herself......Miss Independent!

Not bad after only having them on her teeth for 15 months, back Thursday to get her retainer, which she has informed me she will be wearing to keep her teeth straight.....good girl Lana.


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Taniwha said...

Glad to see you back chick! I missed you xXx