Saturday, 21 February 2015

Starting Afresh.......

We'll ignore the fact that its been a VERRRRRY long time since I last blogged!!

2015 is the year I will blog more, been meaning to do it for ages but things keep getting in the way, mainly the kids who for some reason or another don't seem to be able to occupy themselves.

Anyway I hope you are all well and are finding this year ok so far, me you ask? Oh I'm fine, surviving the madness that is half-term, I'll be glad come Monday morning when normality kicks back in, I'll let them think I'm upset that they've gone back to school/nursery though when I drop them off.

So since I last blogged lots of things have been made with yarn, which makes me happy - far too many to name/show but the list includes cardis for Ivy & Aaron, hats, couple of shawls and get this people.....SOCKS!!!!

I *heart* knitting socks!!!
Says someone who said they would never knit socks.....

I think its the yarn, oh my goodness the yarn *hubba hubba*

Theres 4 pairs there, another pair finished and another pair on the needles. 
Just can't get enough and since a lovely overseas IG friend (craftycop) gifted me the 'Fish Lips Kiss Heels' pattern as its not available in the EU at the moment I just wanna make hundreds of pairs!!!!

Couple of more favourite knits so far of 2015 have been these..

Me rockin' this haha!

AKA 6 Colour (un)cashmere cowl LOL!!

Anyway, I think thats enough for one night, will be back later this week



Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Love your work :-D I look forward to hearing about your plans!

marta's eco crafts said...

Lovely ramblings! I do love your pile of socks, very colourful! xx

Anonymous said...

That cashmere cowl is gorgeous! And oh how I wish I could make socks! Looking forward to reading more of your ramblings!! Karen x