Friday, 4 April 2008

Road Test

I signed up to test this out....

I had to answer a questionaire also,so thought I would post the questions and answers here,here goes...

How often do you use adhesive?
Everytime I drag all my stash out.

What is the main type of adhesive you use?
Mainly use Herma and DST.

What do you look for in an adhesive?
That it sticks well and the object you've stuck down doesn't come unstuck 3 months down the line.

How easy is the product to remove from packaging?
Dead easy,can't be dealing with the packs that take knives,scissors and even your teeth to try and get into.

Does the product appeal to you- i.e does it look good?
It fits snug in your hand making it very comfortable to use.Don't really care what colour it is,the main thing is, it works well.

How easy is the product to use?

How well does the product work?
Very well,it glides along the paper and photos easily and doesn't stick to it causing the paper/photo to crease which is what happens sometimes when I use Herma.

Do I like this product?
Yes,I was abit worried as its permanent and sometimes I have to take the photo off the paper which is why I use repositional adhesive but I could still do this for about 5 minutes with this adhesive,after that its stuck and nothing you do will budge the item you've stuck down.

Do you conside it good value for money?
At £4.99 each I think its too expensive considering that you're going to bin it when its finished.

Would you consider buying this again in the future?
If the price was to come down by a £1 then yes I would, also if they brought out refills and maybe repositional runners then I would most definitely ditch Herma and convert over to this.

What would make you more likely to buy this product in the future?
If the price were to come down.

What would make you less likely to buy this in the future?
If the price remains the same.

And to show you that I did actually try the EZ adhesive runner out,heres a layout I made using it ...

I've actually used it for 2 more layouts and an altered project but can't show you those (DT stuff) and theres still loads of the adhesive roll left :-D

Man,I can't wait for the return of my precious laptop and being able to use the scanner again as that photo sucks big time LOL.


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Nat said...

LOL I used to use that before I found herma, but the tab one not the little lines. Used to get it from the Range and I tell you what, it wasn't £4.99 cos there's no way I'd pay that for a bloody bit of glue!! xxx